About us

It all started with Sandy, our high energy Labrador. She started
out as a destructive chewer and is the inspiration for our range of
mental enrichment dog toys. Take a bow Sandy! 

My name is James from Dublin, Ireland and when my wife surprised me with a puppy in 2014 I never knew this little dog would change my life and career!

Sandy on the day we got her and then what feels like about five minutes later!;


Pretty soon we met with the realities of dog ownership both good and bad! 

Sandy had so much energy that even after long walks she would take to the destruction of anything and everything... including our recently printed WEDDING ALBUM! Yes she had non stop energy and was also a CHEWER!


Being a product designer by trade I set about to make the best most entertaining dog toys to keep Sandy out of trouble!

As Sandy was a Lab and VERY food motivated I knew that with positive reinforcement training a toy that could both challenge and reward Sandy with treats was the key to settling her down after walks and draining the last of her mental energy. 

After years of testing on every dog in the street the worlds first and best connectable dog toy brand was born!

We got some press and ever since have been on a mission to make life better for dogs and their owners by encouraging positive reward based training and play!


Now you too can give your dog the gift of enrichment and see the benefits first hand in your own dog! Keep them busy, engaged and entertained. Channel their energy into positive rewards based activities like K9Connectables enrichment dog toys... Simply the best dog toys in the world!

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