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For 1000's of years dogs have been bred to do jobs for humans so it is hardwired into their genetics to want to work for us! Everyone knows dogs need lots of walks and outside time in nature but it can be hard to get all the mental enrichment a dog requires... this is where K9 Connectables are a great addition to an active dogs lifestyle!





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K9 Connectables are a great toys for fetch, soft and flexible they are safe to be thrown for your dog! Sticks can be very dangerous when thrown and the British Veterinary Association recommends that you do not throw sticks for dogs and there is a big risk of soft palete injuries and splinters.


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Oral diseases are a huge issue in dogs and up to 80% of dogs can show signs of periodontal problems by the age of three. That is why it is important to help keep your dogs teeth clean. K9 Connectables toys have special features that help remove plaque from dogs teeth when they bit down on the toys. We also have specially formulated dental treats that help maintain healthy teeth and gums called tasty treats!


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Dogs love water! Swimming is a fantastic low impact way to exercise your dog. Why not bring your K9Connectables to the beach or lake for some aqua fun...


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