K9Connectables get your dog moving and thinking for their dinner! Use the Kibble Connector to dispense dry dog food and connect more toys in different ways for infinite variety and fun!

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  • Bundle and save

    Ultimate Christmas Enrichment Kit


    Get the entire range of K9Connectables and have over 1 million combinations to entertain your dog in different ways every day! All toys connect to each other to form different assemblies.

    • Starter Pack – 3x soft and satisfying toys
    • Tuff Stuffer Pro – Barrel shaped super strong toy that can take a huge amount of food stuffed inside
    • The Yes Bone Pro – A hard nylon bone shape that dogs love to gnaw and chew on
    • Tuff Toothie – 2x super tuff toys with grooves on the sides that help clean dogs teeth
    • Super Sticker – 2x suction cup toys with a pattern to smear pastes onto for a licking good time
    • Brain Teaser – three connectors make this toy the ideal entertainment with grooves that help clean teeth
    • Cotton Enrichment Starts Here tote storage bag

    Over 1 million possible combinations guarantees your dog will never get bored of this epic enrichment kit!

    Keep your dog entertained, challenged and interested for hours by using their own food and healthy treats!

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  • The Kibble Connector


    Dry dog food dispenser with more variety than you can shake a stick at!

    Infinite assembly options your dog will never be bored at mealtimes.

    Ideal to use with our Go Native Ultra Premium Dog Food

    Spike your dispenser assembly with healthy Go Native Bites to get your dog extra motivated!


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