PRO toys are perfect for enthusiastic chewers! Made from super durable rubber and nylon the Pro range have the most difficult challenges for high energy dogs.

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  • Tuff Stuffer Pro


    Get Connecting with the Tuff Stuffer Pro, made for chewing and a stuffing with loads of your dogs favourite foods!

    Made from SUPER STRONG natural rubber the TUFF STUFFER is maximum fun for your dog!

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  • Yes Bone Pro


    The Yes Bone is made from super strong and hard material called nylon and can take all the chewing and gnawing your dog can throw at it!

    The Yes Bone grinds down as your dog chews it which they really enjoy and helps clean their teeth and gums. The toy can become marked and scratched which is perfectly normal.

    Ideal to use with the Tuff Stuffer Pro and some Puzzle treats the Yes Bone has up to 6 challenge levels to challenge your dog to keep them entertained and learn to chew appropriate items. The Yes Bone connects to all other toys in the K9Connectables range.


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  • Brain Teaser Pro


    A tri-star shaped toy unlike anything else in our range to date! The Brain Teaser has 4 connection points to attach other toys and 6 bone shaped holes to be used with our Puzzle Treats.

    There are also grooves that can be smeared with peanut butter and pastes on the front and back of the toy which helps keep your dogs teeth and gums clean. Like other toys in the Pro range the Brain Teaser is suitable for stronger chewers and is made from a durable TPR material.


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