Get years of entertainment for your dog with K9Connectables mental enrichment dog toys and puzzle treats!


  • FREE SHIPPING – UK (orders over £40) -EU (orders over €70) -IRELAND (orders over €45) – No duty charges EVER.
  • SANDYS SATISFACTION GAURANTEE. Sandy is the inspiration and head chew tester for all new designs. She insists that if you or your dog are not 100% satisfied with K9Connectables then we will replace the product with a more suitable alternative for your pup in the form of a voucher… and that’s a pawmise🐾
  • K9Connectables make your dog HAPPY, CALM and CONTENT using your dogs own food to provide mental enrichment, challenges and stimulation every day!
  • Over 1 MILLION DIFFERENT WAYS TO CONNECT the whole range K9Connectables together – endless variety for your dog!
  • Recommended by dog trainers, behavior experts and associations including IMDT, Puppy School, Assoc.INTO dogs and APDT.


  • Pick the appropriate size. K9Connectables come in 3 sizes 
  • Choose PRO or GENTLE toys…. or both! If your dog is an average chewer you can go for all the toys in the range… if your dog is a bit of a dinosaur and chomps everything then go for the stronger PRO toys.
  • Connect together, trap the treats inside and watch your dogs tail wag with delight as they figure out how to break the connections!

Get your dogs tail wagging with delight and get connecting today!

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