Get years of entertainment for your dog with K9Connectables mental enrichment dog toys and puzzle treats!


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  • SANDYS SATISFACTION GAURANTEE. Sandy is the inspiration and head chew tester for all new designs. She insists that if you or your dog are not 100% satisfied with K9Connectables then we will replace the product with a more suitable alternative for your pup in the form of a voucher… and that’s a pawmise🐾
  • K9Connectables make your dog HAPPY, CALM and CONTENT using your dogs own food to provide mental enrichment, challenges and stimulation every day!
  • Over 1 MILLION DIFFERENT WAYS TO CONNECT the whole range K9Connectables together – endless variety for your dog!
  • Recommended by dog trainers, behavior experts and associations including IMDT, Puppy School, Assoc.INTO dogs and APDT.


  • Pick the appropriate size. K9Connectables come in 3 sizes 
  • Choose PRO or GENTLE toys…. or both! If your dog is an average chewer you can go for all the toys in the range… if your dog is a bit of a dinosaur and chomps everything then go for the stronger PRO toys.
  • Connect together, trap the treats inside and watch your dogs tail wag with delight as they figure out how to break the connections!

Get your dogs tail wagging with delight and get connecting today!

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    Starter Pack – Gentle


    Three great toys from the Gentle range with up to 4x difficulty levels:

    • The original
    • The Dentist
    • Tech Bone
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  • Tuff Toothie Pro


    The Tuff Toothie is super tough and super strong 2.0 version of our gentle toy – The Dentist. It promotes dental hygiene by encouraging the dogs to chew down on the grooves along the side of the toy. Smear with pastes or peanut butter (xylitol free) and combine with some custom fit puzzle treats to give your dog hours of toothie fun!

    This toy is aimed at strong chewers and is made from natural rubber which can withstand the toughest chewers. The Tuff Toothie is sold in a 2 pack, it can be stuffed, there are 2x bone shaped holes to be used with our treats and like other K9Connectables will connect to all other toys in the range.

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  • Tuff Stuffer Pro


    Get Connecting with the Tuff Stuffer Pro, made for chewing and a stuffing with loads of your dogs favourite foods!

    Made from SUPER STRONG natural rubber the TUFF STUFFER is maximum fun for your dog!

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  • Yes Bone Pro


    The Yes Bone is made from super strong and hard material called nylon and can take all the chewing and gnawing your dog can throw at it!

    The Yes Bone grinds down as your dog chews it which they really enjoy and helps clean their teeth and gums. The toy can become marked and scratched which is perfectly normal.

    Ideal to use with the Tuff Stuffer Pro and some Puzzle treats the Yes Bone has up to 6 challenge levels to challenge your dog to keep them entertained and learn to chew appropriate items. The Yes Bone connects to all other toys in the K9Connectables range.


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  • Brain Teaser Pro


    A tri-star shaped toy unlike anything else in our range to date! The Brain Teaser has 4 connection points to attach other toys and 6 bone shaped holes to be used with our Puzzle Treats.

    There are also grooves that can be smeared with peanut butter and pastes on the front and back of the toy which helps keep your dogs teeth and gums clean. Like other toys in the Pro range the Brain Teaser is suitable for stronger chewers and is made from a durable TPR material.


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    Puzzle Pack – Gentle


    Two super bouncy toys to engage and entertain your dog! On the softer side the Gentle range is great for the easy going dog but also really great for fetch, tug and interactive play with erratic bounce. Connect two together and play fetch, they even float for the water dogs!

    • The Original
    • The Dentist
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  • Super Sticker


    The Super Sticker is a suction cup that can be used to connect an assembly of toys to smooth surfaces such as tiled or polished floors and walls. Like the other K9Connectables this toy comes in 3 sizes S/M/L and sits in the gentle range and not designed for chewing but more like licking! It is sold in a two pack and has one connector but also has a textured area on the front to smear pastes onto. *Please note this toy is not suitable for the dishwasher.


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    The Kibble Connector


    Dry dog food dispenser with more variety than you can shake a stick at!

    Infinite assembly options your dog will never be bored at mealtimes.

    Ideal to use with our Go Native Ultra Premium Dog Food

    Spike your dispenser assembly with healthy Go Native Bites to get your dog extra motivated!


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  • Puzzle Treats – Chicken & Carrot

    • Helps control plaque and tartar build up to maintain healthy teeth and gums.
    • Super premium ingredients
    • Grain free (No wheat, maize, soya or corn)
    • Low fat and low calorie
    • Made in Ireland
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  • Go Native Dog Food Chicken & Broccolli

    • Chicken is a very popular protein and a source of essential amino acids.Plus glucosamine and chondroitin, which help promote joint and bone health.
      • Locally raised fresh Irish chicken with Irish potatoes & hand-picked broccoli
      • 70% meat content mono protein
      • Sustainably sourced, fully traceable, grain-free ingredients
      • 100% Irish product
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  • Go Native Dog Food Duck, Apple & Cranberry


    Made with 70% delicious Free Run Irish Duck, this grain free, hypoallergenic recipe is blended with natural Apple and Cranberry, and bursting with antioxidants, all of which are designed to support your dog’s immune system, while prebiotics from seaweed help promote a healthy tummy.

      • Locally raised fresh Irish duck and hand-picked Irish apple and cranberry.
      • 70% meat content including the freshest ingredients.
      • Sustainably sourced, fully traceable, grain-free ingredients.
      • 100% Irish product; made in Ireland using Irish ingredients.
      • A complete dog food that will help your dog access his full potential.
      • Helps to support a healthy digestive tract and overall wellness in your dog.
      • Lower feeding amounts due to the high meat content.
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