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New! Gentle Bundle

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The perfect introduction to K9Connectables, the Gentle Bundle has everything listed below to keep your dog entertained for hours!

  • Starter Pack
  • Puzzle Pack
  • Super Sticker
  • Cotton Tote Storage Bag
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Get the whole K9Connectables Gentle collection plus FREE cotton  storage tote.

The Gentle Bundle contains everything you need to keep your pup entertained and out of trouble! The starter pack and puzzle pack combine to give your dog five individual toys to keep them occupied. The fun goes on even longer when there are combined with the Super Sticker which is like a suction cup that can be stuck onto any flat or polished surface and has unique grooves that can hold pastes or even peanut butter!

K9Connectables benefits are many and can help dog owners with many common problems. Stop your dog from barking? Stuff your K9Connectables with healthy treats, fruit, vegetables or our custom fit Puzzle Treats to keep your dog quiet and content. Freezable foods can be stuffed in K9Connectables such as cooked sweet potato and apple mixed with your own dogs food to keep dogs working for their dinner!


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