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The Kibble Connector Bundle

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The perfect combination of feeding and enrichment! Use the Kibble Connector with our Go Native Ultra Premium Dog Food and treats to maintain optimal health and fitness for your dog.

  • Kibble Connector
  • Starter Pack – 3x K9Connectables
  • Go Native Ultra Premium Dry Dog Food -800g
  • Go Native Treats – Turkey -100g
  • Go Native Treats – Herring -100g
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Get the whole K9Connectables collection plus a FREE “Enrichment Starts Here” storage tote.

The Kibble Connector Bundle contains everything you need to keep your pup well fed, entertained and out of trouble!

The heart of the K9Connectables system, the Kibble Connector dispenses dry dog food as a dog plays and interacts and gets moving!

There are 10x connectors and 4x holes that dispense the food, plus an internal adjustable dispensing rate adjustor. This means at every meal time you can create different assemblies to add variety and fun to your dogs meal times!

For the lower energy dogs the system can be set up for easy dispensing and for high energy dogs the difficulty levels can go high by blocking the holes and connecting more and more toys!

K9Connectables benefits are many and can help dog owners with many common problems. Stop your dog from barking? Stuff your K9Connectables with healthy treats, fruit, vegetables or our custom fit Puzzle Treats to keep your dog quiet and content. Freezable foods can be stuffed in K9Connectables such as cooked sweet potato and apple mixed with your own dogs food to keep dogs working for their dinner!


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Kibble flavour

800g Chicken with Potato & Broccoli, 800g Duck with Apple & Cranberry

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