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Dental Health Bundle

Dental Health Bundle

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The Ultimate Dental Health Bundle for Dogs: Chew, Play, Smile!

Introducing the Ultimate Dental Health Bundle for your beloved pooch – the perfect combination of fun, flavor, and oral hygiene! Keeping your dog's teeth clean and healthy has never been more enjoyable. Our carefully curated bundle includes a selection of premium dental chews, interactive cleaning toys that promote oral health. 

With over 1 million possible combinations, your pooch will never tire of the daily mix of enrichment activities.

Toys are made from different materials from soft to hard that all connect together in different ways to give your dog the ultimate variety every day!

Tail wagging bundle includes:

- 1x Brain Teaser connectable dog toy (FREE) The toy with the most connections of any toy in the range, connect up to five other connectable toys to extend play time and get your dog working for rewards!

      - 2x Dentist connectable dog toys with ridges to help clean teeth and a cone shape for an erratic bounce when thrown the dentist dog toy will keep your dog smiling. Connect to other toys to increase the challenge.

        - 2x Super Sticker dog toys that can stick to any flat surface and have grooves to smear food and paste onto for a licking good time.

        - 1x Tuff Stuffer connectable dog toys The ultimate super strong rubber dog toy that can be stuffed with loads of food and treats! Connect to other toys to increase the challenge.

          Sandy's Satisfaction Gaurantee

          Sandy the Labrador is the inspiration and chief tester for all new designs. She insists that if you or your dog are not 100% satisfied with K9Connectables for any reason then we gaurantee will make it right and that’s a pawmise

          Materials & Toughness

          The Gentle Range of K9Connectables dog toys are made from a durable non toxic TPE. The Gentle range is suitble for light to average chewers and is a 3/5 on the toughness scale. Please remember your dogs safety and always supervise play


          FREE SHIPPING applied on;

          UK orders over £40

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          USA orders over $99


          All K9Connectables toys can be cleaned with a little dish soap and warm water. Alternatively the toys are dishwasher safe (except the Super Sticker - hand wash only) in the top rack on a medium temperature

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          Brain games for dogs

          K9Connectables are the best interactive dog toys!

          They can connect in a million different ways to utilize your dog’s natural instincts to hunt and work for food.

          Challenge your dog today!

          • Patented Interactive Dog Toys

            K9 Connectables are dog toys designed to engage, stimulate and entertain your dog with something different for days weeks and years.

          • Want a calm and content dog?

            Chewing naturally helps dogs to be calm, K9Connectables helps dogs to channel their energy into a positive puirsuit of tasty treats